We Do Software Development

EYESoft is a software development company located in the heart of Armenia. We started working together in 2012 as a small team with a passion to contribute our expertise into development of our World and making it more progressive.
Since then a lot has changed - the setup has got a lot more comfortable, the structures are more professional, the team has grown. But one thing has always stayed the same to this day – our enthusiasm and devotion to what we do.

Own products and solutions

We specialize in enterprise web applications development. We create our own product for different areas and have in our portfolio several remarkable products we are proud of.
We also have our own ready solutions that can be used in a plug-and-play mode as well as customized to specific needs. However, we are not going to confine ourselves to this and have new ideas and huge plans ahead.


We are also happy to share our knowledge and offer our services to those businesses, who realizes the strength of IT and are eager to make progress with its use.
We see our clients as partners - their problems are our problems and each of project is treated as if it were our own. Our young and steered by field professional developers and designers are creating innovative IT projects according to this code.

How We Work

We are Unstoppable

Our North Star is Perfection. We move things and iterate as much as it may be desired until they get their perfect state. Paying attention to every detail, analyzing all the aspects of the project is the way we work on every project.

We are Ingenious

It is easy to declare that you are innovative. We do not declare. We break usual procedures in order to get things done in the way they have never been done before.

We are Unwavering

Do not expect us to say “yes” to every request we get. Our approach is to be always judicious, question everything and suggest solutions we believe are the most professional and efficient.


Technology and Development

We develop future proofed solutions for you to be successful in terms of e-business. Use the advantage of our depth technological knowledge. We cover the full cycle of the development – from requirements analysis to prototyping, from development to maintenance and support. Our developers look for a system independent implementation that makes the most sense for every project and then they couple that with the latest technology.

UX, UI and Screen design

You can’t imagine how fascinating the designing of information architect can be? You even do not have to. That’s what we do. This is the place for our UX/UI experts to play – they will continue to shape and refine their solution concepts until your strategy has been perfectly conveyed. They aesthetically transform the design and function into viable results, which provide an exceptional user experience that is something that only few can accomplish.


EYESoft Orders

Web based orders management solution designed for companies, which import large amount of various products from foreign partners and realize it through chain of stores.


Pet records management System and centralized pet registry for animal welfare organizations and individual pet owners (spotthq.com).


Online management software for dental clinics and individually practicing dentists.


Web based hospital management system aimed at computerizing the whole process of hospital staff management and patients service.

Email Marketing Platform

Scalable enterprise platform for automated email marketing using different Email Service Providers simultaneously, which can be simply integrated to any product managing some user base through Java API.

and many more...



Edgar Yeganyan

Edgar Yeganyan Development leader&Co-Founder

Lusine Ghulakhszyan

Lusine Ghulakhszyan Director&Co-Founder

The Team

Our group of young and talented professionals stands behind us. Each of us is a piece of a puzzle, called EYESoft.
We are all-conquering together.

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19 Kievyan street, office 12,
Yerevan, 0033, Armenia
+374 10 27-30-58
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